The Queensboro Bridge of Queens NY with the skyscrapers of Manhattan standing tall in the background.

NYC’s largest borough is the best place for you to live, work, and grow. With abundant affordable housing, low cost of living, ample job opportunities in growing sectors including healthcare, tech, and finance, and some of the greatest food anywhere, Queens has opportunities for dreams to flourish.

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Reasons to Come to Queens


New York City is a diverse city with tons of competition.  When you choose to live in Queens, you find yourself only one stop from Manhattan in a bustling and dynamic area with a world to opportunities unlike any other borough – which is why we’re called the Boom Borough.


Explore Queens and find job recruiting opportunities, diverse neighborhoods, some of the best food in the world, world-class colleges, top companies in construction, transportation, tech, healthcare, education, finance, and more.


Come live in one of our five diverse neighborhoods in the borough: Flushing, Corona, Sunnyside, Astoria, and Long Island City. Each neighborhood has its’ own history, attitude, heritage, and culture as well as a full calendar of events and affordable housing.


If you’re wondering where to live in New York, come to Queens: there’s something for everyone. You’ll have the opportunity to live, work, and grow in the Boom Borough like never before.


Looking for where to live in New York where you can find a surplus of job recruiting opportunities? Come explore Queens. The Boom Borough has diverse neighborhoods, job recruiting opportunities and job recruiting support, world-class colleges, and top companies in many competitive industries.


There are 8 top colleges and universities in Queens:


Queens College

Queensborough Community College

LaGuardia Community College

York College

St. John’s University

Plaza College

Vaughn College

Cuny School of Law


All across Queens schools, non-profits, and city agencies are working to ensure a population that is ready for the future with in-demand skills. You can come work for top companies including Delta, Altice, Boyce Technologies, Northwell Health, Skanska, JetBlue, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Resorts World Casino, Thermofischer Scientific, and Macy’s.


We’re a place where both established and growing businesses come to call home and with over 66k businesses in Queens, you can find the perfect New York Job for you in many fast-growing industries. We offer job recruiting support to help you find healthcare jobs, construction jobs, education jobs, transportation jobs, tech jobs, wholesale jobs, retail jobs, manufacturing jobs, finance jobs, jobs in life sciences, jobs in cryptocurrency and blockchain, jobs in biotech, and jobs in cyber security.


Looking for a unique work opportunity? Queens is home to many tech startups, healthcare startups, 


There are endless opportunities here. Join us in the Boom Borough: where New York’s comeback begins.


Whether you’re looking to start or expand a business, move your business to New York, or relocate your business, Queens is the best place to start a business. Queens has an abundance of cheap property, office space, industrial space, and top talent from across the country and the world.


If you want to grow your business, grow in Queens. If you want to start a business, launch in Queens. We’re the next stop in your business journey. Not only is Queens a place for business, but we also offer numerous incentives to businesses relocating to Queens to help encourage businesses to call Queens home. 


Ask the Queens Chamber of Commerce about the multiple different business incentives we offer to companies coming to Queens, including property tax abatements, the New York City biotech tax credit, business tax credits, real estate tax reductions, tax credits for job creation, and more.


You want to move or expand your business to Queens to take advantage of our commercial incentives. We offer tax incentives, commercial expansion programs, tax abatements and credits, and benefits for job creation, investments, and R&D to companies in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs. 


Whether you’re looking to move your business to New York, start a business, or expand your business, you want to explore Queens as the new home for your company. We’re the best place in New York to start a business because of our diverse neighborhoods, exceptional talent, cheap property, and abundance of industrial space and office space. We’re also the best place to move to because of our commercial incentives, making us the most business-friendly borough in New York City.


Move or expand your business to Queens to take advantage of our commercial incentives. We offer tax incentives, commercial expansion programs, mortgage recording tax deferrals, sales tax exemptions, job creation benefits, tax incentives for commercial office developers, and tax abatements and credits to companies in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs.


Check out our full list of commercial business incentives and nonprofit benefits in Queens:


Business Incentive Rate

Excelsior Jobs Program

Property Tax Abatement

NYC Biotech Tax Credit

Real Estate Tax Reductions

Business Tax Credits

Job Creation Tax Credits

Commercial Expansion Program

IDA Industrial Program

IDA Commercial Program

Industrial & Commercial Abatement Program

Energy Cost Savings Program

Relocation and Employment Assistance Program


Queens is the best place in New York to start a business. Find out more about our incentives today by emailing us at info@queenschamber.org. 

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