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Finding Your Ease with Mae Del Essentials

Writing by Danielle Silverman

During the long, hard days of the COVID pandemic, like so many people, actress and teacher Tanzania Hughie felt run down. 

Unfortunately, she had developed an autoimmune disease, in which one’s own normal cells are attacked by foreign cells. For Tanzania this caused flare ups of fatigue, joint pain, and skin problems. Her doctors prescribed a variety of medications to ease her pain and decrease inflammation. After one trip to the hospital, she felt some of the medicines were irritating her body so she decided to try another approach.

As she researched the condition, she learned more natural treatments could be beneficial. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to find my ease and how to help other people who have autoimmune disease,” said Tanzania in a recent interview. “I started making natural products to help with body aches.” 

She worked hard to limit her stress since its a big igniter of flareups. Tanzania learned certain natural ingredients could help, so she began making tea with natural ingredients for herself and a friend, which eased the effects of the illness. 

She then made bath salts infused with herbs she grinds by hand. She also created shower gels because many of her customers don’t have bathtubs in their apartments. One of her friends “has bad feet so I invented bath balms. Some people cannot afford a good massage, but they can purchase my massage oils.”

The concoctions proved so helpful that she gave them as bridesmaid gifts for a close friend’s wedding. With positive feedback from friends, she was off to the races. Tanzania now has over 14 nurturing products including candles, shower steamers, massage oil, and energy clearing smudge spray, all packaged by hand.

Her products connect her back to her father’s Haitian heritage Her company logo features a hibiscus, which is the national flower of Haiti. “I am open to all different belief systems. My goal is to bring people ease.” Her nurturing approach honors her parents who are both spiritual people. 

All her product names have a deep meaning. For example her signature scent Hello Again is “deep and warm, near and far.” “I play with the scents and the names until they make sense together.”

To spread the word about her growing business, she reached out to the CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce, Tom Grech and “I asked for help.” Tom shared her information with Laura Licona who sprang into action, sharing a range of support that the business might benefit from. Tanzania will apply for grants and loans with Laura’s assistance. 

The only thing that comes close to Tanzania’s passion for helping people is her passion for Queens. For her, every day in the borough is a chance to learn, see, connect with people, and show them the power of the holistic products at the core of her business. “I love Queens,” she says.

Now, Tanzania is on a fast track to sharing her products with Queens and beyond with pop-up stores and sales on Etsy. 

If you bump into her on the street, she won’t mind if you tell her what ails you. She may have just the right organic approach to help. The good news is that if she doesn’t, she will probably come up with a way to create one.

After all, she just wants to help people find their ease. will be live soon. Purchase her products on